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Volunteer Mentor - Talent Devt

Alexy Gabriel is a Volunteer Member, and currently is the Talent Development Team Leader. He is a graduate from St Paul’s University with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce. He has served as the Chairperson Bethany Kids Ambassadors, a program being run by St Paul’s University student body to seek help and support to Bethany Kids Hospital in Kijabe.

Why The Awesome Family

Everyone has reasons to avail their trails and deeds. That’s why I took a stand to follow my passion in building our society through personal sacrifice, providing my knowledge, art and skills to better the community. Stigmatization and negligence characterizes our relationships with persons living with disabilities in Kenya. My joining and working together with The Awesome Family has provided me the opportunity to mentor and build someone who in some way is inhibited.

Favorite Quote:

If we all love until it hurts, there will be no more pains and poverty

Mother Teresa